Desert Fathers Incense presents it's latest Collection

We are so excited to unveil our newest collection.  We have worked hard to search the world over, for censers and burners that are practical, economical and attractive for your home and prayer corner.  This latest collection is comprised of censers, burners, accessories and incense boxes, imported from all points around the globe:  Ethiopia, Greece, Serbia, India, Egypt and Morocco.  (Yes, there are Christians in Marrakech too!) For instructions on how to use our burners and censers, please visit our Downloads page and download/print the appropriate document. Enjoy! 

Stick and Cone Burners

Combo "plate" style.  For stick or cone incense, or BOTH! Celtic Cross design. 5 inches diam.
Imported from Malankar region of India.
Fair Trade Item.

This "Canterbury Cross" plate can be used for either cones or sticks, but as always we recommend a screen for cones (included with the burner.) Approx. 4.75" across - lovely rosewood. Imported from the Malankar Christians of India. Fair Trade Item. Only $10.95!!!

Made of polyresin, these lovely silver plates can be used for stick. (Cones not recommended) Only $12.95! Imported from India/Fair Trade Item.

These lacquer "jeweled" trays are lovely! We recommend these for our stix only, as we have found the cone slots to be a bit shallow. But they are practical and very economical, as well as very pretty. Fair Trade Item. Imported from the Malankar Christians of India. Only $10.95!

Incense Boxes and Accessories

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To provide every home with Orthodox Christian incense and the light of the Gospel, regardless of their ability to pay.

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St. Abo the Perfumer of Georgia

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