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Important Information: Our Days Off: Our days off -- brothers and sisters, because I also work a "day job" in addition to running DFI, I need time to rest also -- we are "closed" from Saturday afternoons (Pacfic time) through Monday night. If you order during this time, your order will be filled on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday, assuming there are no federal holidays that prevent it. Please forgive my weakness and I beg your understanding. God bless you!

We are the only makers of Orthodox Christian Stick and Cone Incense in the United States, as well as Liturgical Granular Blends, Athonite and other traditional incenses.

For instructions on how to burn our stick and cone or liturgical/Athonite incenses and resins, please visit our Downloads page and print out the appropriate document. We hope that you find that helpful.

Prayer corner items can be found here.

We only have one grade: Premium.

Therefore, we have one price, for all selections according to type. Stick incense is $5.00 per pack of 20 sticks. Cone incense is $5.00 per pack of 20 cones. All liturgical incense blends, Athonite style incenses, and raw liturgical resins are $7.00 per ounce.

Orthodox Christian Stick and Cone Incense

Orthodox Christian Stick Incense

Our stick incense is handmade from the finest,purified charcoal rolled onto the thinnest bamboo sticks we could find. They are then soaked three times, into the purest oils, to produce the finest scent. We do not "dip" our stick and cone incense. We literally soak them three times for the Holy Trinity, to ensure complete saturation and the finest fragrance possible. Our incense sticks are prayerfully made, by hand, in our studio in Reno.

No sawdust. No dung. No glue. No chemicals. No lead. No nonsense. Just beautiful incense.

Caspian Road has been discontinued and is replaced by a brand new Byzantine blend named for Abba Zosimas! We also have discontinued Butterfly Lily and replaced that with a lovely Carnation, and we have added Magnolia. Several other fragrances in florals are coming soon in both stick and cones!Also NEW and coming soon, NOV 20: HIM Haile Selassie Blend (Lion of Judah) and a new vision/reformulation of Berhane's Blend! Coming soon.

Our popular 10.5" sticks are only $5.00 for 20 sticks per pack. Magi and Abba Moses are being reformulated and the new version will be available after Nov. 20, 2013.

Byzantine Saints Blends Sticks

Byzantine Floral Blends Sticks

NEW!!! Our Sampler Gift Sets are now available! Imported from Ethiopia, these tiny stick holders, are lovely. In rainbow colours, and mirrored "jewel" glass. Combined with a stick sampler pack of our Floral blends for only $9.95!!! (We will choose a holder for you according to stock and how the "Holy Spirit" moves us. But you'll love it! NOTE: Although there is a cone slot in these, we do NOT recommend burning cones in them. Use this with our stick incense only!)

Orthodox Christian Incense Cones

We have also brought back our famous "Magi" fragrance. (Frankincense and Myrrh)

In packs of 20, in all the same fragrances as our long, 10" sticks. Handcrafted of 1 inch, purified charcoal and soaked three times for the Trinity in our pure aromatic oils. And they're only $5.00 per pack. If you are looking for a quicker burn time, this is it. Average burn time is 30 minutes. (Note: Cones burn faster than sticks, but pack more fragrance.)

Byzantine Saints Cones

Our Mission:

To provide every home with Orthodox Christian incense and the light of the Gospel, regardless of their ability to pay.

Please browse our site to see how you can help fulfill our mission.

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